Colloidal Silver Respiratory Spray  is a safe, effective, and fast-acting natural remedy.  The fine sprayer is designed to administer a mist of Colloidal Silver directly into the throat and lungs.  Since the inception of this Respiratory Spray we have never heard of a case of Pneumonia which was not eradicated within 48 hours, the applications are manifold, many cases of Bronchitis, Influenza, and Sinusitis have also been successfully treated. In some cases where convention methods were not able to supply a cure, the Colloidal Silver was able to successfully reverse the condition.  We cannot guarantee the spray will treat all sore throats, however we have received many testimonies of sore throat prevention, while co-workers and other family members suffered.



Inhale Fine Mist Colloidal Silver Spray

directly into lungs.

Spray into lungs as you would an inhaler.

Spray 5 - 6 times for each treatment.


Administer three times daily.


Colloidal Silver 

Respiratory Spray


Pure De-Ionized water,

99.999% pure Silver

Particle Sizing to .001 micron

Silver Concentration 20 ppm

For internal application


$12.95 ea.

plus shipping


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