Satisfaction and Refund Policy


Our goal is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.


We guarantee the quality of our products.


We will provide a refund, except for Shipping & Handling in the case where:


Products show no effect for conditions

that we have guaranteed it to be effective.




Pharmacology requirements have been satisfied.


We do not guarantee identical results for everyone, results do vary.


We do not provide a refund when our products are being used experimentally on conditions that Colloidal Silver has not been tested against.


Not all Colloidal Silver is created equal, many of our customers have used other brands that provided little or no benefits, this we believe is either because of inferior quality or having too low of a concentration of effective ionic colloidal silver. 


When the pharmacology is followed, you WILL have results.




Baruch (Bruce) Gorovenko


Marpe Products



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The closest to original Ketuvim (writings) Netzarim (Nazarene) of the Shlichim (Sent-Ones or Apostles)

regarding the teachings of Mashiyach Y'shua (Jesus) and Paulous (Apostle Paul) etc.

A definitive Netzarim source for English speakers with over 1700 footnotes and 350 pages of detailed Appendixes that cover a wide

selection of topics before and after the Greek translations by post-Apostolic church founders.

Peshitta English Aramaic Critical Edition by

Andrew Gabriel Roth

1104 pages

Coming Succoth 2008

Aramaic English New Testament click here

Ten years in the making.  The Netzari Jewish New

Testament for

English speakers.