Colloidal Silver Anti Fungal Gel contains a host of essential oils and must be administered with caution on sensitive areas of the body.  Anti-fungal gel is being used against many strains of topical fungus very effectively, on all areas of the body.  The Anti Fungal gel shines when treating toenail fungus, we guarantee it's efficacy for this application when guidelines are followed.

     We assure you the Colloidal Silver Anti-Fungal Gel will accomplish as advertised. We are confident in the testimonies of our customers, and the knowledge base and testimonies accumulated from health professionals.  We are very confident you will be happy with the results.  If you do not receive a benefit from our Colloidal Silver Anti-Fungal Gel, while administering it as prescribed, we will refund you the cost of the product.  We believe this is a fair and reasonable consideration for using this product.



Test sensitive areas of your body with a very small amount of Anti-Fungal Gel, wait a few minutes to determine levels of sensitivity.  If your body is too sensitive for a full strength application dilute Anti Fungal Gel as necessary with your regular cream or lotion.  Massage Anti Fungal Gel 3 times daily to affected area.


A warming effect may result, this is caused by the Pure Natural Essential Oil ingredients, apply accordingly.


Toenail Fungus: soak feet in hot saline water solution for 5-10 minutes.  Thoroughly trim and clean infected toenails.  Apply Anti Fungal Gel liberally on top and around the toenails.  Apply morning and evening and immediately after shower or bath.  If possible wear well ventilated footwear and all-natural fiber socks.


Note:  Medical professionals suggest that toenail fungus may be exacerbated by systemic yeast infection within the body.  Toenail fungus may take 3-6 months of treatment before being eradicated.  If you feel that you are making too small of gains against toenail fungus, please consult with your Naturopathic Doctor, or other Healthcare professional regarding the possibility of needing systemic treatment for yeast infection.


We encourage administering MSM internally while treating toenail fungus, MSM has been proven to increase hair and nail growth.  Some Medical professionals recommend Acidophilus and Caprylic Acid to treat yeast infections.

Anti Fungal Gel

2 OZ / Glass Jar #011782

Pure De-Ionized water,

99.999% pure Silver

Particle Sizing to .001 micron

Silver Concentration 20 ppm

100% Pure Essential Oils

Sodium Magnesium Silicate

Kosher Glycerin

Topical Application Only



$9.95 ea.

plus shipping



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